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Are you empty inside? - A look into the benefit of live video sales and support

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Are you empty inside? 

Not you as a person, but your online store presence or your landing page for your service.

When you walk into a “brick and mortar” store, you are most likely greeted by a human that will

welcome you and ask if you need anything. This has been like this for a while and feels welcoming to most customers, at least me, but when you go to the same company's website you get something different, chatbots, web forms, phone numbers that go to endless IVR phone trees, or even a popup that begs you to “Register to keep updated”. Why is this? Not enough people, maybe they do not have the technology to provide the service. I understand even though we don't have live support all the time, we are just a small startup. 

At , we try to eat our own dog food and provide Live Video Sales & Support on our site and blog as much as we can. The web traffic is like someone walking into our physical store if we had one (we don’t), and they are so precious. We don't want customers and potential customers to feel like they walked into an empty store, more so make them feel a welcoming greeting and that the same warm greeting will be there when they come back in need of support, another purchase, or referring a friend.  I do believe one day we will see where “brick and mortar” stores will be able to keep the customer-focused energy that they have invested so much in improving alongside a digital form to keep the buyer experience the same for both types of customers, online and instore. As they embark on this journey we are here to help.

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