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Strategies that guide your buyers through the decision-making process

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-In order to help your buyers make the best decisions, you need to understand the stages of their buyer journey and how they’ll be feeling in each stage.

-A buyer makes several decisions before they purchase a product, so it’s important to guide them through that whole process.

-This is called “lead nurturing” or “lead generation,” and it can be done by sending automated emails to your buyers at specific times throughout their journey.

-Stage 1: Discovery. During this stage, the buyer recognizes that they have a problem and wants to learn more about it. They may not know what exactly is causing their problem or how to solve it yet, but they know something needs to change. They’re also researching potential solutions for their problem and weighing different options.

-Stage 2: Consideration. During this stage, the buyer has determined which products or services might solve their problem and is comparing them to each other based on cost, reputation, ease of use, etc. They may even have narrowed down their options from a few different contenders down to just one or two potential solutions that seem like good fits for them.

-Stage 3: Action. During this stage, the final decision has

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