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Public Transit

Adapting Public Transit Explainer Videos for Different Stages of the Customer Lifecycle

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Public transit systems play a crucial role in keeping cities moving efficiently and sustainably. However, for many potential riders, navigating public transportation can be daunting and confusing. That’s where explainer videos come in – these short, engaging videos can help educate and inform customers about how to use public transit effectively. But not all customers are at the same stage in their relationship with public transit. Some may be completely new to using public transportation, while others may be regular riders looking to learn about new features or services. In order to effectively reach and engage with customers at different stages of the customer lifecycle, it’s important to adapt explainer videos accordingly. For customers who are new to using public transit, introductory explainer videos can be incredibly helpful. These videos should cover the basics, such as how to plan a route, purchase tickets, and navigate the system. By providing clear, step-by-step instructions, these videos can help ease any anxiety or confusion that new riders may have. For customers who are already familiar with using public transit, more advanced explainer videos can provide valuable information about additional services or features. These videos can showcase new technology, upgrades to the system, or tips for maximizing the use of public transportation. By keeping these customers informed and engaged, public transit agencies can encourage loyalty and continued ridership. In addition to adapting the content of explainer videos, it’s also important to consider the format and distribution channels. For customers who are new to public transit, videos may be best shared on social media or through targeted advertising campaigns. On the other hand, more experienced riders may prefer to receive videos through email newsletters or on the public transit agency’s website. By creating and adapting public transit explainer videos for different stages of the customer lifecycle, transit agencies can effectively educate and engage with a diverse range of customers. Whether someone is brand new to using public transportation or a seasoned rider looking to stay informed, explainer videos can help make the experience of using public transit more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.